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Distancing River sung by yours truly. [09 Oct 2015|09:33pm]


I'm absolutely in love with this song; it's so soothing. Enjoy everyone!
At least anyone still here. Dead com is very dead, no?
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Hello people + Request [23 Dec 2009|01:21am]

I just wanted to revive this a lil'.

these are all the songs i can offer ^_^

here are the songs!Collapse )
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CDs re-upload [26 Jul 2009|03:03pm]


An anonymous person is asking for Stella and Mary and a Kitten CDs. Whoever this person is, please create an LJ account,  so that I will know whom to give these files.

Anyway, here's Stella.


this is the same file[info]puchikogi upload a year ago.

Sory I can't upload Mary & a Kitten right now. I have a hard time uploading files. Maybe some time.

On the mean time...enjoy!...

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MOTTO MOTTO! I WANNA MORE SONGS! [24 Mar 2009|05:27pm]

[ mood | yay!! ]

Hola señoritas y caballeros!     (hello ladies and gentlemans! xD)

I have been looking for more songs of my beloved  TK-sama!  [-----> me(o///o)]
is too wonderful to explain so:
 u will see a playlist of 13 songs and below, all the songs related.  also, if you type Takehito Koyasu (or any other thing) in the browser (which is above) will appear more songs!
here: THE LINK TO TE PAGE (or heaven?)
you can listen and  download them very, very, very fast.
For that you will need THIS PROGRAM.  (direct link...dont worry, free of virus)
here: THE TUTORIAL  (please read all (i mean ALL) with calm!!)
is extremely easy to use.
if something doesnt work, please tell me. 

Brought to you by nagu_nagu.
Happiness 100% guaranteed.

and, sorry if my english is bad. u know,,,translators are stupid. heehee. 3 post, is my record.

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[21 Mar 2009|11:01pm]

Hi, fellow fans! Me again!

I found this one at Google. I thought this one is already a dead site:


OMG, so it's still working! XDDD One of the few remaining TK-related sites on the net. It's in Chinese but thanks to Google Translation, I somewhat understand it, especially the forums.

I wish to participate some of the forums, but unfortunately I can't either write or speak in Chinese D:

Til next time!
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TAKEHITO'S SHEEPS COUNT!!! [20 Mar 2009|07:40pm]


well, at the end i never found a download link for this so i have to extract the audio of the youtube's video.
please enyoi. i go to sleep with takehito wishpering on my ear.
ah..OMG so so so sweeeeet!
sorry, is the emotion! here's the link:




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Excalibuuur... [16 Mar 2009|10:40pm]


Hi there, It's me again!

It's been a year since my last entry for this comm.

I'm sharing this ringtone I created. This is the infamous Excalibur Song, from anime Soul Eater. The character, Excalibur, is voiced by Koyasu-san. It's quite annoying when I heard it over and over again. But I'm sure you'll like it ^_^

Download Song—Excalibur ringtone at audiko.net.

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[15 Mar 2009|12:33am]


hi! I am new and found this site by google, I was desperately looking for ko-san's songs!, really.
and when I saw the links to download I scream for all the emotion, ho OMFG! I love this singer.
the truth is that I love his voice when I saw the anime Seto no Hanayome, where is the voice of
o__o! I am so happy. 
I search and search,  AND I found this page:

you'll love. Maybe you already have all the songs, but you never know, hehehe.


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Another newbie with a request^^ [26 Feb 2009|03:27pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

(Nick)name: Rena
Location: Sweden
First I've heard of Koyasu:  Either in Shaman King as Faust VIII or as Hotaru from Samurai Deeper Kyo...
Favourite Koyasu role: Hotaru (Samurai Deeper Kyo) and Takasugi (Gintama) <3 

And then I'm wondering.. Does anyone have translations on any of his songs? Most preffered (right now) is Persona Ondo, but I'd love to read the translated lyrics to the other songs as well.

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Sexy Dream Guy Voice [15 Feb 2009|12:22am]

[ mood | calm ]

Hi!  I'm new to the community but I've loved Tekehito Koyasu-sama's voice since Fushigi Yugi.  That was back in college in 1996?  Holy cr*p that was a long time ago.  But he has this sexy voice that you'd want to hear anywhere.  The bedroom, talking to you at a coffee shop at the counter, singing to you from the radio or your iPod, asking you if he can help you find that shoe in your size...you know what I mean.  >.<  Does anyone know what he's up to nowadays?   What was his latest  role?

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Hello from not-so-snowy Russia) [08 Jan 2009|03:36pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I've been a fan of Koyasu-sama for 2 years, not a big term but enough to make me head over heels about him^^

(Nick)name: Amai Koibito
Location: Russian Federation
First I've heard of Koyasu: Shaman King (Faust VIII)
Favourite Koyasu role: mm, definitely Ryousuke Takahashi from Initial D!

Oh, it's been quite a while since I wanted to join this Community but lack of time prevented me so the link was forgotten among Bookmarks. Finally I've made it) Thank you to all the members and the owners for giving us so much wonderful info about the best seiyuu in the world! Thank you immensely for albums and vids and other things. Hope Koyasu checks for updates every once in a while) Will be glad to share pix and clips if I find some on the Internet. Good luck)

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Newbie with a request and songs [23 Aug 2008|01:13pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I've been a fan of Takehito Koyasu for a while now, so it's about time I joined this community.

(Nick)name: Star
Location: USA
First I've heard of Koyasu: Gundam Wing, I think.
Favourite Koyasu role: Aya from Weiß Kreuz, and I also really liked his portrayal of Herve from Red Garden, even if couldn't stand the actual character. Ryo from Persona -trinity soul- is probably a close third.

Now, for the request. Does anyone have the song "DxD"? I found a video here (you need an account to view it), but there's some weird stuff at the beginning and a video isn't easily dragged from computer to computer. "DxD" was released as a single in 2001, and it came with another song called "Akuma ni Tamashii o Utta Shounen no Hanashi o Shiyou," but I've never heard it.

And just so this post isn't just me begging for a song, here are some songs I found off YouTube.

Night Run


(The first half of this video is "God Hurts Those He Loves," as "Rapture" appears to be a remix version with different lyrics.)

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Koyasu - Game Dra Night [23 Jun 2008|07:55pm]

Another Koyasu album to share with everyone, just got this from cdjapan :

Game Dra Vocal Collection Best - this album contains songs from Koyasu's old radio drama Game Dra Night (with Hikami Kyoko) and his band Tonbrella.

01 Anata Kamo Shirenai - Game Dra Night Op ~ Tonbrella with Booing
02 Yume ni Nureru Tsukiyo ni Hoeru ~ Tonbrella
03 Truth ~ Tonbrella
04 Doubutsu-tachi no Yoru ~ Koyasu Takehito
05 Start Again ~ Koyasu Takehito
06 ite yone ~ Hikami Kyoko
07 watashi no namida wo itoshi teru ~ Hikami Kyoko
08 watashi noiru basho ~ Booing
09 Open Sesame ~Jikuu Ryokou ~ Hikami Kyoko & Koyasu Takehito
10 anata ni deate yokatta ~ Koyasu Takehito & Hikami Kyoko
11 Hoshi Tsukiyo ~ Koyasu Takehito & Hikami Kyoko
12 ichi nen ~ Booing

If the link is down please leave a message and I'll re-upload.
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Introduction [22 Jun 2008|03:12pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Umm, hi ^^
I just joined today. If I had found this comm earlier, I would've joined earlier ^^'

*clears throat* Umm, here are the facts.
(Nick)name: Fuuma
Location: Germany
First I've heard of Koyasu: Umm... I first heard him when watching Inu Yasha as a child. But I didn't know it was him. I started to like him when I heard him as Sir Isaac (Meine Liebe) some years ago.
Favourite Koyasu role: Every role? I love his voice, so I like every role he has in every anime ^^
What I hope to see in this community: Other Koyasu fans. And some fanstuff ^o^

I don't know if I forgot something important.
But I hope this is enough for an introduction post ^^

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Koyasu Takehito Albums [06 Jun 2008|10:49pm]


Koyasu Takehito Albums - someone requested them and here they are:

Mary & a kitten

Zazel - Stella


Currently watching animes with koyasu takehito in them - Persona - trinity soul, Soul eater.
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Another fan [04 May 2008|01:33am]

Well here goes. Hi I'm a long time fan of Koyasu Takahito and I finally decided to join a group of fan that also appreiate his works. ^^;;

(Nick)name: Breakman, Or Armamur will do.
Location: Tacoma, washington. (USA)
First I've heard of Koyasu: I actually don't remember but I've seen a lot of his work so it hard to recall which I saw first. >.<;;
Favourite Koyasu role: Ether Fujimiya Ran (WK), or Pulse from Twin Signal.
What I hope to see in this community: Not too sure, news about Koyasu's work perhaps? If it's suported may be music due to his beautiful singing voice?

Well I such at introductions so that's about it from me. I have a large collection of music of his as is including a CD under the name of Zazel (But it's clearly him).
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Hi! It's me again. [30 Mar 2008|11:09pm]

 I do love this community, and I want to keep it updated as much as possible ( sorry to bother the maintainers ),  but, I really want to keep this community alive! As a part of updating, I wan't to give some music file to everybody.  (All were Koyasu songs, well, I know a lot people have these, but what about those peolple who haven't these?)
So, I want to give it to you.

http://www.mediafire.com/?gtmddyq4wmy - Boku no Uchuu ni Kimi Ga Iru

http://www.mediafire.com/?wzyljjmm1vy - Kono Michi Ni

http://www.mediafire.com/?22oimnxdymb - Shiroi Tsuki

http://www.mediafire.com/?y5jl2ottnfg - Someday

I like all of these, especially Someday.

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Me Again! [08 Mar 2008|09:59am]

[ mood | hyper ]

Hi! I looking for Koyasu's songs from his album "Mary and a Kitten", but I'm not permitted to download Limewire to our  due to virus cleaning problem. So, I'm on sacrifice in searching  the net. I found a site, Esnips, but it's not able to downlad. If anyone who has at least one of these songs, I kindly ask for it. At least one. Thanks in advance. 

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New member=) [04 Mar 2008|01:26am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

(Nick)name: Anki-chan
Location: Norway
First I've heard of Koyasu: Hm, I am not sure what was the first I heard of him, but the first that stuck with me was Freyr from Loki=)
Favourite Koyasu role: Freyr from Loki, Mo-chan from master of Mosquiton and Neuro from Majin tantei Nougami Neuro ^.^
What I hope to see in this community: Acctually I stumbled over this community when I looked for songs, I would love it if anyone would put up fresh download links to songs by Koyasu Takehito. The only song I have myself is from the Freyr character song cd, and a really funny drama sequence that mostly is composed by Heimdall yelling and Freyr making a space ship instead of making dinner XD.

Please be nice to me *bows deep* and I would be happy to get more songs of Koyasu Takehito, at least the ending song from the Master of Masquiton OVA.

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A new member: Me [26 Feb 2008|01:57pm]

[ mood | hihihi ]

(Nick)Name/s:Rei or Holly
Location: Rizal Province, Philippines
First I've heard of Koyasu: I'm listening to the song "Someday". "Oh my gosh! Who's this singer?" I thought. I fell in love with this sexy, soothing voice. I took a search in the Net, then I found out that song is from Crasher's Knight and Ran album. And I found out that, it was sang by...well... Koyasu himself. From then on, I am very much addicted to listen to all of his songs.... (By the way, where can I download some?)
Favorite Koyasu Role: Zechs Merquise of Gundam Wing and Ryosuke Takahashi of Initial D. Because both these characters were hot!  Plus his voice... I think I'm gonna faint *_* OH! I forgot Ryou Kuroyunagi of Yakitate Japan.
What I hope to see in this community: AT LAST!!! I found a sanctuary that will boost my craziness over Takehito-sama! I hope no one will say I'm freak . I didn't hear much of his voice while watching anime, because here in Philippines, the animes were already dub in Tagalog (Philippine Language). I've watched Kaleido Star at our local station here in Phil's. It was in Tagalog dub. When I learned that he's the voice behind Fool, I need to watch it over again at Dailymotion...just for this hot seiyuu. See? How freak am I?

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