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A new member: Me

(Nick)Name/s:Rei or Holly
Location: Rizal Province, Philippines
First I've heard of Koyasu: I'm listening to the song "Someday". "Oh my gosh! Who's this singer?" I thought. I fell in love with this sexy, soothing voice. I took a search in the Net, then I found out that song is from Crasher's Knight and Ran album. And I found out that, it was sang by...well... Koyasu himself. From then on, I am very much addicted to listen to all of his songs.... (By the way, where can I download some?)
Favorite Koyasu Role: Zechs Merquise of Gundam Wing and Ryosuke Takahashi of Initial D. Because both these characters were hot!  Plus his voice... I think I'm gonna faint *_* OH! I forgot Ryou Kuroyunagi of Yakitate Japan.
What I hope to see in this community: AT LAST!!! I found a sanctuary that will boost my craziness over Takehito-sama! I hope no one will say I'm freak . I didn't hear much of his voice while watching anime, because here in Philippines, the animes were already dub in Tagalog (Philippine Language). I've watched Kaleido Star at our local station here in Phil's. It was in Tagalog dub. When I learned that he's the voice behind Fool, I need to watch it over again at Dailymotion...just for this hot seiyuu. See? How freak am I?

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