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New member=)

(Nick)name: Anki-chan
Location: Norway
First I've heard of Koyasu: Hm, I am not sure what was the first I heard of him, but the first that stuck with me was Freyr from Loki=)
Favourite Koyasu role: Freyr from Loki, Mo-chan from master of Mosquiton and Neuro from Majin tantei Nougami Neuro ^.^
What I hope to see in this community: Acctually I stumbled over this community when I looked for songs, I would love it if anyone would put up fresh download links to songs by Koyasu Takehito. The only song I have myself is from the Freyr character song cd, and a really funny drama sequence that mostly is composed by Heimdall yelling and Freyr making a space ship instead of making dinner XD.

Please be nice to me *bows deep* and I would be happy to get more songs of Koyasu Takehito, at least the ending song from the Master of Masquiton OVA.
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