armamur (armamur) wrote in voice_w,

Another fan

Well here goes. Hi I'm a long time fan of Koyasu Takahito and I finally decided to join a group of fan that also appreiate his works. ^^;;

(Nick)name: Breakman, Or Armamur will do.
Location: Tacoma, washington. (USA)
First I've heard of Koyasu: I actually don't remember but I've seen a lot of his work so it hard to recall which I saw first. >.<;;
Favourite Koyasu role: Ether Fujimiya Ran (WK), or Pulse from Twin Signal.
What I hope to see in this community: Not too sure, news about Koyasu's work perhaps? If it's suported may be music due to his beautiful singing voice?

Well I such at introductions so that's about it from me. I have a large collection of music of his as is including a CD under the name of Zazel (But it's clearly him).
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