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Hello people + Request

I just wanted to revive this a lil'.

these are all the songs i can offer ^_^

Character songs:

Sarutobi Sasuke - Shut up go to hell  (that's the title xD) (FD) [Sengoku Basara]

Koumouri Nazo - Hyakuman kai no je t'aime   (MU)  i love this song~ [chapter 10 - Rosario to vampire 2]

A.Y.A. - One Day (MF) [From his new project, Velvet under world]

VUW - CD drama
(MU)  (when he screamed, i felt bad wasn't very...manly xD but how cares! i love his voice anyway!)

Kelpie - Wonder Ride    You must watch hakushaku to yousei!!!!! you MUST! his character is just <3 <3 <3

i hope you are, just as me, looking forward for rebirth of buddha (is a movie xD) because he's the main character 8D
i knew he was god xDDDD. go to the chara section! and watch the trailers - official page

And my request is the first takehito's album: Water.
I just need the tracklist  (but a download link would be better xD)

i dunno who is the admin, but, could something with the layout, please? i know this comm., isn't very active, but, i think we should have a background at least ^__^;

well, cheers!
have a great xmas and new year guys!
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